Well, I did it. I managed to create a panelled web comic. At least, I created ONE panelled web comic.


The secret is stop editing yourself and just do it. I know that sounds simplistic. But that really is the secret.

I went to the coffee shop with one purpose in mind—create a panelled comic. I had no idea but a small dram of hope. This came from a conversation I had with the barista. He asked me what was new and I said out of the blue “I’m sick of the post-apocalypse. What about the pre-apocalypse?” and that was it. It gave me a subject and the visuals just sort of happened.

I have a recurring character in mind as well: Surly Unicorn. So far all he does is swear at the audience and I’m having some difficulty with his head. It’ll get there.

The next comic might be about the rabbit’s foot.


Rob is a graphic design instructor and practicing designer/illustrator. He likes monsters.

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