Today I successfully migrated my private wordpress blog to a new server here at That took most of the morning as I stupidly locked my account due to five consecutive misattempted password entries. Must remember to remind students to write down their user names and passwords for both the data base and the WordPress install. As, they’re different and having more than one site to manage is, hopefully, the case for every designer. There must be some form of WordPress user/password reminder app out there. Must look for that.

Something else accomplished was to let WordPress itself make changes to the wp-config file instead of doing it manually. This might be easier for students but doesn’t really reinforce the whole connection to a database thing. I think that’s important for them to get.

Contacted Hillary to see if she’d be up to meeting to discuss her approach and methods. I’m looking forward to that as she focuses on WordPress. With any kind of luck that will happen in a week or so.

Tomorrow afternoon is the Los Primos meeting. The morning should be spent looking over the existing site.


Rob is a graphic design instructor and practicing designer/illustrator. He likes monsters.

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