And my focus was definitely tested today!

Having spent the morning looking over the Los Primos site and desperately wanting a cigarette, I was able to knuckle down and collect my thoughts enough to highlight a few changes. This was good as it prepared me for the meeting a little better had I just continued to frig around with That was time well spent this morning as well as it gave me a spring board to talk to both Jerry and Jeff about the WordPress interface. Even Obey Your Pants came up as an illustration of how WordPress can function and allow users to easily customize their own sites.

I took a 5k walk with Jerry and Tom after lunch. Sweated like the proverbial pig but it cleared my head nicely and rid me of the urge to smoke. I’ll bring my running shoes and a change of clothes from now on. The break was great.

Jeff and Jerry and I met to discuss the changes to The design will likely stay much the same but it will be converted to WordPress so I can make changes and the client can add more photos and functionality on their own. This was a great learning experience as originally I was the one who convinced them to restrict the number of photos. Bad idea. Let the client fill the site with as much content as they like! It’s their site afterall.

Los Primos Notes

  • Facebook feed on home page. This needs to stay but has to be modified so long posts aren’t cropped. We discussed moving it to the left content area instead of restricting it to the right aside
  • Add upcoming events ala posts
  • Replace current galleries with WordPress functionality and widgets to expand usefulness
  • Move and redesign video area
  • Remove Jeff’s signature
  • Replace Paypal in the footer to exhibit the most current event
  • Convert Los Primos Halifax Facebook presence to the Los Primos page

Really looking forward to starting the conversion process! It will be challenging, no doubt.


Rob is a graphic design instructor and practicing designer/illustrator. He likes monsters.

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