My first little freelance job appears to be complete. The client is happy and I learned some stuff about Illustrator and the internet. First, that you can literally do anything with Illustrator. Including creating colour blind graphics. Second, that there’s either a plugin, script or pattern available on the internet for absolutely everything.

My home office continues to be a blessing. Having my own orderly space (and a Keurig!) has made a world of difference. I actually prefer to work from home now. My own music, as loud as I want and no chance of running into Crazy Maker plus my new drawing table and apples instead of cigarettes combine to create a perfect work environment. I’ll probably go into the campus office more and more infrequently as the winter comes along.

robot 3-04

This is the final robot image:



Rob is a graphic design instructor and practicing designer/illustrator. He likes monsters.

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