I tried to do nothing over the holidays but boredom and the ready availability of my office made a few productive things possible.

1. Postbeckwith.com

I made some minor changes to postbeckwith.com for a buddy. He just wanted to move his contact info from a side widget to the navigation header. It was relatively easy, believe it or not! Figuring out how to make the changes responsive took a little time but also worked out quite well. I really am getting this stuff! I actually enjoyed doing it too.

2. HOBO1

Still playing with the Wacom tablet. I created a cover for a comic book that I’m going to try to complete over the coming months.

hobo 01 cover


I have yet to hear back from SDHHNS. I still can’t access their files on their server. I’ll send another message today. And I downloaded the Misc theme for Ingram Barss’ new photography site. Man, it’s a robust theme. Gonna learn alot from messing with it.


Rob is a graphic design instructor and practicing designer/illustrator. He likes monsters.

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