Today is Day 1 of my sabbatical. Where I hope to learn all I can from a series of web design and development projects so that I have a bit more experience and confidence in the classroom.

It was an odd day; filled with questions about why I was here. It feels a little like you’ve been simultaneously fired and promoted.

I set up a meeting with Goodspeed and Jerry to start the process rolling on the revamped Los Primos website. Speed informed me he has a new director on his board with promotional experience. I expect she will be at the meeting on Wednesday as well. This is good.

I also set up my office. Once printing has been established and I unscrew the flourescents over my desk, all will be good.

I also reworked this blog so it’s visibility will be private. My next steps are to customize the design a bit and flesh it out. That’s for tomorrow.

The office is very quiet. I think I can work with that but will need headphones for sure. Headphones and coffee.


Rob is a graphic design instructor and practicing designer/illustrator. He likes monsters.

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