I’ve started working on both the site and logo for the Society of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Nova Scotians (mouthful) and picked up a new client: Halifax Somatics.

Still awaiting content from Mr. Barss re his photo site. But, that’s ok. I’ve got lots to do.

I converted the existing SDHHNS site content over to WordPress a default theme. Tedious but not entirely un-rewarding. It does give you the chance to go over all of the information which leads to some small changes in navigation and information organization. Not my strong point.

I’ve picked a nice simple, clean theme to start from but there are text tweaks for sure. The theme I chose has tiny wee text. It’s just not suitable to this client. The site needs quite a bit of photography. Not sure where that’s going to come from at this point. I’ll make suggestions and see what the client has on hand.

Their logo is going slowly. It’s hard to create yet another community-minded health-related organization logo when there are so many out there. Research later today; humbnails at the same time…is the plan.

Halifax Somatics promises to be an interesting little project. I say “little” as the client doesn’t really want a lot. Just a simple little site to showcase her business. She picked an awesome theme: Litte. It’s just chocked full of fun tech. Can’t wait to take it apart and see what’s under the hood. Awaiting content from this client.


Rob is a graphic design instructor and practicing designer/illustrator. He likes monsters.

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