Last night was Nocturne here in Halifax. A night of free public art on display all over our downtown. I was asked to sit on a discussion panel concerning a documentary about the trials of female computer scientists. I was asked because they wanted someone male, an artist, a coder and involved in education. It was fun! I met four interesting young women: a comedian, a coder, an innovator and a rockstar admin. All of which were involved, at least cursorily with coding in some manner. I learned about something called Ladies Learning Code which I will definitely tell my students about and try to sneak in occasionally myself. I just missed an all day Javascript workshop.

They also talked about something called Code Academy which I’ll look into as well.

So…the Los Primos site is pretty well done! I’m just CSSing a header for announcements and then it’s update the testing server and show the client. The only thing I wish I could do right now is fix the date display on the event sidebar widget. But I think I’ll let the client see it first before I rework the event engine. The plugin is amazing but it doesn’t appear to allow for CSSing the date display. It depends on whether the client needs that robust a system for managing events. They might easily get by with a custom post category and some Custom Fields. THAT I could manage.

Once again Devo came through and taught me a valuable thing.

Make sure your body is:

<body <?php body_class($bodyclass); ?>>

Because that one line of code allows each page to have it’s own class. It means you can style pages differently from one another. I needed the ability to switch padding on the sidebar and developed a complex PHP way to do it (WHICH ACTUALLY WORKED!!) but didn’t need to.

I really am catching on to the PHP thing. I’ve written a couple of clunky things that test what page or category you’re on and then manage a variable. That is just bloody awesome!


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