Proposify has essentially contracted me to be their editorial illustrator. Which is fantastic. The truly odd thing is what I’m being asked to draw and the style of the illustrations is right down my alley. Well, mostly the style.

Dr Balls

Everything I ever sit down to draw always starts off as a goofy Mad Magazine illustration and then changes to be more appropriate. Like:


Dr Balls 2

Same idea, slightly more palatable execution. Here’s the kicker…the client likes the first version!! I’ve never been able to sell this style and it’s my default! Bloody awesome. He tweaked the idea though:

Dr Balls 3 final


Honestly, the crazy shit I draw…

I discovered something about my style and my practice that will help immensely. I need to actually ink the illustrations with pen and ink first. Then use Photoshop as my whiteout and compositor. Inking with Photoshop is simply too slow but it is useful for cleaning up stuff and applying watercolour-like tone.



Rob is a graphic design instructor and practicing designer/illustrator. He likes monsters.

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