I absolutely have to get the Los Primos site up and ready by this weekend. It’s time. I’m sick to death of looking at it and having it hang over my head. Plus! I have a new site for Photographer Ingram Barss to start and I’m super excited to work on that.

In fact here’s the to do list:

  1. Ingram Barss site
  2. Rob Hansen site
  3. American Eric site revamp and conversion
  4. Paint the Creature from the Black Lagoon
  5. Student Gallery revamp and completion
  6. Liaise with Friends of Sable Island on revamp – this is probably just a theme switch, honestly.


Los Primos List:

  1. Fix circle spacing on other pages
  2. Design Announcement CSS
  3. Test images with Events
  4. Fix Calendar Events CSS
  5. Add hover state for Exchange image buttons

I think that’s it!


Rob is a graphic design instructor and practicing designer/illustrator. He likes monsters.

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