You get a little of both with WordPress.

I just changed my theme. Took almost five days of frigging to get everything even close to what I want. The theme is called “wondrous”. I like it. But Jesus Jumping Blue Headed Christ in a Sidecar was it not simple to get going. A good theme designer also needs to be a pretty good teacher as everyone uses a slightly different method to get things going. In this case the English language coupled with a less than stellar tutorial made for some serious frustration. I was on the point of ditching it and my $45.

Then I tried some stuff:

  1. I unplugged a plugin. Bloody NextGen Gallery is a total pain in the ass. It constantly wants to overrun your css. HATE IT.
  2. I veeerrrrry carefully reread the manual. As weak as it is, some of the problems I’ve had are due to my own misunderstanding; reading Page instead of Post for instance.
  3. Installed the demo and went through it line by line. Some stuff would work fine on the demo but would screw up on my site. Still really have no idea why.
  4. Unlinked and relinked feature images. No idea why I thought to try it but it fixed several problems.
  5. Regenerated all the image thumbnails. This solved a problem the Javascript mosaic pattern was having. I saw a button and I clicked it. Weird.


Rob is a graphic design instructor and practicing designer/illustrator. He likes monsters.

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